Learn more about recent discoveries ("Mirror Neurons") on visual learning.

The SyberVision learning technology works! Four out of five of our over 1 million sports customers report dramatic improvement in their sport skills.1 Nine out of ten of our language customers reach the Foreign Service Level 1+ fluency in 30 to 45 days.1 Ninety percent of our over one million weight control customers have reported significant weight loss and most have been able to keep it off for good.1

Success Comes from a Mastery of the Fundamentals
What do the best athletes . . . the most successful business people . . . super achievers in general . . .
all share in common? Complete and total mastery of the fundamentals. With a solid grounding in the fundamentals, there is literally no limit on what can be achieved.

And that's what you get from all SyberVision programs. There are four easy steps to how SyberVision works.

1.   We identify models. At SyberVision we find those people who have mastered the fundamentals better than anyone else (experts). In skiing, golf, losing weight, raising great families, speaking a foreign language, just to name a few.

2.   We isolate key fundamentals, show them, and explain them. We determine what characteristics the top group in any activity or endeavor possess. We then bring these common characteristics to you on either audio or video (DVD).

3.   We give you a system for learning the fundamentals. The SyberVision system developed at Stanford University and based on the way the brain converts images into behavior and skills is incorporated in our audio and video programs.

4.   We give you a system for performing the fundamentals when and where needed. Over time, you own performance will evolve to become like that of the model.

You will learn quickly and easily . . . and be spared from wasted or faulty effort.

Video and Audio Programs Provide Strong Behavioral Models.
SyberVision video-based sports training programs are a complete learning system that teach you the skills of a movement, the strategies of competition, the psychology of performance and the biomechanics of perfect form. The complete learning system is comprised of a 60-minute DVD, 4 MP3 audio sessions, and a digital study guide. The audio reinforces and expands what you have learned from the video.

When a skill cannot be visually modeled—such as leadership, parenting, marriage—it can be vividly described. You will learn how to convert the description of a model into your own life . . . to transfer the basics you learn from the audio into results-oriented actions of your own.

You Can Do It! We Guarantee It!
Whatever SyberVision program you choose, you will discover one very important fact. In many ways, the role models we bring you are very much like you. It is only through their mastery of the basics that they have achieved so much. And now, thanks to SyberVision, the keys to personal achievement can also be yours. You will succeed. We back up our promise with an iron clad, no-risk guarantee. If you do not achieve desired results, return the program for a full refund of your purchase price. 2

1. Gallup Opinion Research 1998
2. Refund policy does not apply to digitally downloaded programs

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Note: Refund policy does not apply to digitally downloaded programs.