Your body fat is controlled by a center in your brain called the hypothalamus. This weight regulating mechanism controls your metabolism—the rate at which your body stores and burns fat for energy. Through breakthrough research conducted at Brigham Young and Stanford University it is now possible to program your hypothalamus to burn excess body fat.

Here, finally is a fat loss program that works! The Neuropsychology of Weight Control is a powerful audio-based weight loss system that provides you with a scienticic and

loss. Or machines that electrically stimulated your muscles. They all failed you. Why? Because there are no miracle cures.

Is there anything that works?
A few y
ears ago, three obesity experts at Brigham Young University began experimenting with a new method of weight control based on the discovery of a mechanism in your brain called a setpoint or "fat thermostat." It is a primitive mechanism meant to


successfully tested method for reprogramming your metabolism and getting the healthy, lean, and firm body you've always wanted -- without diets, pills, and other worthless gimmicks.

The terrible truth about diets.
To understand why this program works, you have to understand why diets don't work. Diets are ineffective because they trigger your body's defenses against starvation. When you
deprive your body of food and nutrients, your brain signals your metabolism to slow down. Your brain triggers your intestine to produce the appetite sttimulating hormone ghrelin. Ghrelin acts as a sort of chemical room-service call to the brain for more energy. In other words, people who try to shed pounds by depriving themselves of food through crash diets are fighting against a feedback mechanism that becomes more insistent the more weight they lose

Consider the symptoms of dieting. You get hungrier, so you're tempted to eat. You get tired, so you move less and burn up fewer calories. You lose several pounds of weight easily (mostly water and lean muscle tissue ) then you suddenly find yourself at a plateau. This is because diets encourage the loss of lean muscle tissue���the main furnace where fat can be burned. Discouraged, you give up and gradually get fatter than you were before you started your fruitless effort.

In your desperation to lose you you may have fallen prey to miracle pills and powders that promised fast weight

against starvation that is programmed to maintain your present weight at all times and under all conditions.

When you go on a low calorie diet (below 2000 calories a day) or try to force your body to lose weight, your setpoint interprets it as starvation. Through hunger stimulated by ghrelin production and a lowering of your metabolic rate, the setpoint fights to maintain your weight. Your setpoint actually goes up a notch. You gain all the weight back you've lost on the diet and more.

Dennis Remington, M.D. and Garth Fisher Ph.D. encouraged their patients to eat enough (up to 3,500 calories per day) of nutrient-rich food that may help block the production of ghrelin and to do a form of non-strenuous exercise that would build fat burning lean muscle tissue The results were amazing.
Patients who had dieted unsuccessfully for years and were chronically obese began to lose weight steadily and easily. And more Importantly, they kept it off!

The Neuropsychology of Weight Control program will show you, step-by-step, how to use these powerful new principles to reprogram your "fat thermostat." It will give you insight into how your body burns and stores fat, tell you how to develop the motivation you need to sustain your lasting weight control effort, introduce you to the fat burning foods and non-strenuous exercise patterns discovered by the BYU doctors to reprogram your metabolism for lasting weight loss.

Over 1.2 million people have purchased this program and have enjoyed dramatic success (click here to read some of their stories). Most have lost it and have kept it off for 20 years!! Now, so can you. Order today and see what an astounding difference it make when you try to lose weight the right way.

"I dropped from 309 pounds to 159 pounds in ten months, going from size 60 dress to a size 12-- a transformation that changed my life. I feel so good about life, about living. I've turned a weakness into a strength. I've lost a person and gained myself. " Linda Rosen Lauderhill, FL

"Before I went on The Neuropsychology of Weight Control I weighed 287 pounds. Now I weigh 170 and I'm still losing. I feel terrific and I'm more active. My friends and co- workers are amazed. I would recommend The Neuropsy-chology of Weight Control to anyone who has a problem controlling their weight. It doesn't get a person to lose weight and then gain it back. This is a life long plan. It'll work for anyone. " Brenda Rion
Blackstone, Virginia

"I've lost 42 pounds since I started The Neuropsychology of Weight Control program and the changes that this weight loss has brought to my life are amazing. I've gone from a size 18 dress (pushing size 20) to a size 10. Its improved my marriage 250 percent. My husband is thrilled. He was married to a girl who wasn't attractive and had very little enthusiasm about life. Now he's married to someone who's attractive and happy.. "
Laura Bonderchulk  Orient, New York

"I've lost 106 pounds since I started using The Neuropsychology of Weight Control. I started at 326 pounds and I'm down to 220. I know I'll get to my goal of 147 pounds because with SyberVision there is no stopping point. It's a lifetime change in your eating and exercise habits. It's a real good feeling knowing that I will eventually get there (to 147 pounds). I don't worry about weighing myself a lot. I can tell by the way my body feels, by the way my clothes fit or don't fit anymore that my body is going down. SyberVision is a winning program. You can't help but win by losing." Carol Fisher
Oakland, California

"I've dieted, had intestinal bypass surgery, and weighed 255 pounds. Seven and a half months later I was down to 177. I still would like to lose about 20 pounds more. But if I don't, I will be happy as I am now. It's a great program. I've gone from a size 24 to a size 14. The cost of the surgeries was at least $10 thousand a piece. Compare that to the price of The Neuropsychology of Weight Control. I recommend it to anyone whether they need to lose 20 pounds or 100." Diane Miles
Deer Park, Texas

"In seven and a half months I've lost 30 pounds using The Neuropsychology of Weight Control. I'm a happier person. I feel free, relaxed, positive about food and positive about my ability to communicate. With the help of SyberVision I have come out of myself. I can reach out and touch people and communicate with them. It's brought joy to my life again. For me SyberVision seemed like a miracle when it came into my life."
Cheryl Maybee   Alhambra, California

"Since I've been on the SyberVision program I've lost 55 pounds, about five inches off my bust, seven inches off my waist, nine inches off my hips, and over ten inches on my abdomen. I've lost more pounds than my six year old son weighs. I was very lucky to find a very loving man to marry me. And I'm very proud to be doing something about my weight problem so that he ran be proud of me too. I wish I'd had the SyberVision program a long time ago.  Pat Barnes  Omaha, Nebraska

"I've had a weight problem ever since I had my first son. I tried everything. The pills. The diet centers. Everything. Nothing was permanent. The food was rotten. The diets were restrictive. And they cost a great deal of money. Nothing left me feeling like I was in control until I discovered the SyberVision program. It put ME in control. And its been permanent. It's been great.. I've lost 32 pounds without drugs, without starving, without limiting what I eat. I'm a nurse arid I hate to see people waste money on other diet programs that stress fast weight loss because it's not going to be permanent and it's hard on your health. With my background in nutrition, I find the SyberVision program teaches good practical knowledge. On other programs I've always prepared food separately for myself and for my family. Now, I don't. " Terry Forth  Pendleton, Oregon

'I lost 61 pounds (from 241 to 180 pounds) in seven months on The Neuropsychology of Weight Control. I have a whole different outlook on life. I could start out tomorrow... as a 20 year old and go after life again. I do feel like a new person. The bottom line is I get approached by women ... for friendship or whatever. I was never, looked at or approached before. If I hadn't found this program I would probably he 260 something and have had a heart attack. " Bob Sposato  Long Island, New York

"The Neuropsychology of Weight Control is definitely the best program there is to lose weight. It's the most sensible one. Its the cheapest. I've lost 86 pounds in five months (from 266 to 180). I recommend it to anyone who's overweight. You will lose weight on it and there's nothing else you have to buy but new clothes.
Charles Costain
 Wheeling, West Virginia

"I had it set in my mind that I was going to be fat for the rest of my life. The Neuropsychology of Weight Control made me change my mind completely. I started the program at 206 pounds, now I weigh 135. 1 feel light, just like a butterfly, I'm free. The program has changed my life. My husband said he'd love me even if I weighed 500 pounds, but when I lost the weight ... we fell in love all over again. On this program, I've, never felt a hunger pain. Never. It's great. "  Melissa Mornany   Dixon, Tennessee

"When I started The Neuropsychology of Weight Control four and a half months ago, I weighed 265 pounds .. I've lost 66 pounds since then ... Until now, I never thought I could actually get slim. Now I feel like I can go on losing weight until I get to my goal. SyberVision has changed the way I think about myself and the way I look ... Its a wonderful feeling. "  Lisa Novak   Denver, Colorado

"The Neuropsychology of Weight Control is fantastic It's geared for people who have active families and have to be 10 places at one time. I've lost 61 pounds and with SyberVision I don't have to weigh things, measure things or have things prepared. I've gotten my family on it, not so much for their weight control, but because its just good, nutritious eating. My father and I thought we were overweight because of heredity. We found out upon starting the SyberVision program that wasn't true. Also, my father has lost more than 50 pounds. SyberVision is absolutely, positively the best program or weight control I've ever been on.  Cherie Ann Artley
Merritt Island, Florida

"The SyberVision program is something that lasts the rest of your life. It's not something that you go on until you reach your goal and then you quit. It's permanent. I recommend the program to anyone whether they need to lose five pounds, 10 pounds or 100 pounds. I've lost 35 pounds (145 to 110). I've never been thin before and now I feel like I am a thin person. I'm not afraid to go out dancing, or he seen in a swimming suit. I have more confidence in myself and a better relationship with everybody around me." Sandy Rumsey   Macon, Missouri

"I think the SyberVision program can work for anybody no matter how old they are or how Young they are. And it makes you feel at least 10 years Younger than you are. I've lost 57 pounds (242 185) and I feel so good about myself that I'll get up anywhere and talk in front of people. I used to feel like everybody was looking at me. I used to look around and think, 'Am I the fattest person here?' I don't have to do that any more. To me, finding the SyberVision program was like a miracle because I never thought I could lose the weight. And I did and it wasn't hard. "  Debbie Cole   Miami, Florida

"When I went, on The Neuropsychology of Weight Control I was eating so much that the other engineers I work with were saying, 'My gosh, you have a tapeworm?'I'd say, 'Well, I started a new phase of my life and I'm trying to eat and to lose weight. Now I've lost 32 pounds (from 162 to 130) and five inches off my waist. I'm following the plan almost subconsciously now .. it just happens. because it's become a part of my life. "
James Petty   Chattanooga, Tennessee

"I've lost 65 pounds on The Neuropsychology of Weight Control and I suggest that anyone who needs to lose weight should get the program and work with it right now. No one has anything to lose but body fat. And once you lose that, you gain everything -- self confidence, friendships, and the ladies are more attracted to you as well."  Bill Anderson   Marietta, Georgia

"For the first, time, after many attempts, I am in control of my eating and living bemuse I have learned the how and why I always put back the fat I lost ... I love the program it works. I weighed 178 and have lost 47 pounds, and most of all, I now love life and myself. "  Ronnie Elder   Bloomington, Maine

"I've lost 53 pounds and have never felt, better since my athletic days in college. Thanks to you and the program. It really works. My co-workers and friends are amazed at the change in me. "  Blair Ball Houston, Texas

"I began your Weight Control program at 181 pounds with a 60 inch abdominal measurement. My goal was to reach 147 pounds and I know I will do it. I have lost four inches off my abdomen, two inches off my chest and I have never felt better. Thank you for an excellent program that has become a way of life for me and should make my goal attainable as well as maintainable, throughout my life. "  James Thompson Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

"After six weeks on the program, I feel I should tell you your method is brilliant. I have lost 5 inches from my waist (25 pounds total) and I feel great. I have had all my suits altered because I truly feel this will be my lifelong weight. "  Robert Panone   West Haven, Connecticut

"The Neuropsychology of Weight Control Is the most tasteful, straightforward and no nonsense weight loss program I have found. You really know your facts, medical and psychological. It's the only weight loss program I'll need"  Dena Kinzer R.N., BSN, MPA  Steilacoom, Washington

Karl Pribram, M.D., Ph.D
Dr. Pribram, the "father" of the modern-day science of neruopsychology, is the founder of the Stanford University Neuropsychology Research Laboratory at the Stanford University of Medicine. He collaborated with co-author Steve DeVore in establishing the relationship of positive body image ("image of achievement" to creating the motivation and emotional strength necessary to sustain the difficult process of personal change. Prior to his retirement, Dr. Pribram served as SyberVision's Director of Research.
Garth Fisher, Ph.D
Dr. Fisher is a nationally-renowned exercise physiologist who has specialized in fitness, exercise, and weight control for the past 30 years. Dr. Fisher was the founding director of the highly-respected Human Resource Center at Brigham Young University. It was at BYU where many of the original case studies for the program was conducted. Dr. Fisher has published numerous scientific articles on exercise and weight control.
Dennis Remington, M.D.
Dr. Remington is a physician who specializes in nutrition, exercise, weight management, and food and chemical allergies. He is a 31- year member of the American Society of Bariatric (weight control) Physicians and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. He is also the founding president of the Society for the Study of Biochemical Intolerance.
Edward Parent, Ph.D
Dr. Parent works with the chronically obese with a focus on the implications of depression, anxiety, self-image on one's ability to change lifestyle habits. He received his training in advanced clinical psychology at Brigham Young University and has collaborated with Dr.'s Fisher and Remington in conducting studies relating to behavioral change.
Steve DeVore
Mr. DeVore is the founder of SyberVision and the developer of the acclaimed SyberVision learning system based on research he conducted at the Stanford University Neurological Research Laboratories. Mr. DeVore collaborated with Dr. Karl Pribram in the development of his learning systems. DeVore conducted extensive field research in personal achievement and self-motivational systems at Stanford working the with Stanford Department of Education and the Department of Athletics. His published works have generated nearly $500 million in worldwide sales.

Look at These Dramatic Before and After Pictures Taken from "The Neuropsychology of Weight Control" documentary originally produced for PBS and then run on netowrk and cable TV for two years. These pictures represent some of the 1.2 Million + Neuropsychology of Weight Control Users

Debby West
Before: 247 lbs.
Debby West
After: 135 lbs. Loss: 71 lbs
Melissa Momany
Before: 206 lbs.
Melissa Momany
After: 135 lbs. Loss: 71 lbs.
Donald Ferry
Before: 325 lbs.
Donald Ferry
After: 199 lbs. Loss: 126 lbs
Mark Cost'Chretien
Before: 200 lbs.
Mark Cost'Chretien
After: 150 lbs. Loss: 50 lbs
Mary Reynolds
Before: 240 lbs.
Mary Reynolds
After: 1769 lbs. Loss: 64 lbs
Mr. & Mrs. Blair Ball
Mr. Before: 237 lbs.  Mrs. Before: 170 lbs.

Mr. & Mrs. Blair Ball
Mr. After: 184 lbs. Mrs. After: 135
Mr. Loss: 53 lbs.  Mrs. Lost 35 lbs.

Luana Ali
Before: 291 lbs.
Luana Ali
After: 164 lbs. Loss: 127 lbs
Cory Juhl
Before: 159 lbs.
Cory Juhl
After: 118 lbs. Loss: 41 lbs
Mark Reynolds
Before: 240 lbs.
Mark Reynolds
After: 176 lbs. Loss: 64 lbs
Linda Rosen
Before: 346 lbs.
Linda Rosen
After: 159 lbs. Loss: 187 lbs.
Cheryl Mabee
Before: 170 lbs.
Cheryl Mabee
After: 1359 lbs. Loss: 35 lbs
Dick Stucki
Before: 430 lbs.
Dick Stucki
After: 209 lbs. Loss: 170 lbs
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