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Powerful Breath Freshening Technology
Developed by Doctors—Not Candy Makers

ForeverMints, a breath mint that takes hours to dissolve in your mouth, was developed by doctors, not candy makers. Each tiny ForeverMints microtab gives you hours of breath freshening protection. The tablet adheres comfortably and undetectably between your gum and cheek slowly dissolves over hours.

As it dissolves, it releases, in your mouth, refreshing all-natural peppermint and an anti-bacterial and tooth whitening sweetener for over 2 hours during the day and up to 8 hours overnight.

With ForeverMints you'll never have to worry about bad breath again. ForeverMints gives you the confidence you need to talk close-up - free from the fear, uncertainty and embarrassment of having bad breath—with the assurance that your breath will be fresh all day and all night long.

And, ForeverMints is backed up with a 90-day money-back GUARANTEE!* If it's not the long-lasting fresh breath solution you've always been waiting for, simply return it within 90 days for a full refund of your purchase price, postage adn return postage.

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How the Revolutionary ForeverMint
Time-Release Technology Works for You

The technology behind ForeverMint took over 10 years to develop. The doctors who created ForeverMint wanted to develop a breath mint that lasted for hours instead of minutes,was small enough to be comfortable and unobtrusive, and was made of all natural ingredients that freshened breath, killed the germs that cause bad breath and promoted good oral, gum and tooth health.

To develop such a product, the doctors looked to nature - in particular the structure and protective properties of the honeycomb.

Each tiny ForeverMint tab is composed of thousands of microscopic honeycomb-like cells. Each cell nucleus contains the all natural, anti-bacterial Xylitol sweetener and peppermint flavoring. The nucleus is protected by all natural material that is programmed to dissolve over a period of hours. The flavoring is extended with a proprietary menthol booster that gives each microtab its pleasant, long-lasting flavor profile.

Seconds after being moistened by saliva, ForeverMint adheres comfortably between your upper or lower rear gum and cheek. As each cell is dissolved by saliva, the Xylitol and enhanced peppermint flavoring are continuously released in your mouth.

The cell dissolution, Xylitol and flavor release action is an overlapping process that lasts until the microtab is fully dissolved imparting a cool, mildly aromatic and soothing sensation in your mouth for the full two multi-hour duration of the ForeverMints tablet.