SyberVision was founded in 1980 by Steven A. DeVore. SyberVision's personal achievement programs are based on a learning technology developed by DeVore through a combination of his personal experience and extensive research he conducted with the Stanford University School of Education, the Stanford University Department of Athletics, and the Stanford University School of Medicine’s Neuropsychology Research Laboratory.

Recovering from Polio
Steve DeVore at age 3, sparring with
Heavy Weight Boxing Champion
Max Baer in Children's Hospital,
Oakland, CA

As a child DeVore had polio. He was able to overcome its debilitating effects through a physical therapy program based on modeling—watching others walk and then mentally replaying the images of walking in is imagination.

At age nineteen, DeVore utilized this modeling method to master the Finnish language, the most difficult language for English speakers to learn.

Later, while in college, he experienced the power of modeling in athletics. After watching professional bowling on television, DeVore went to a local bowling alley, recalled the images and sensations he saw and experienced from watching television, and proceeded to bowl nine strikes in a row.

He shared his bowling experience with a psychology professor. The professor explained that all human skills and behavior are learned through observation learning or modeling.

  In fact, the professor continued, observational learning is the foundation of the science of social psychology. The professor further explained that while observation is the key to learning, scientists did not understand the neurological components of the process—how images are converted by the brain into behavior.

DeVore then began his search to discover how observational learning works. His research took him to the Stanford laboratory of Dr. Karl Pribram, the founder of the science of neuropsychology. Pribram had the answer DeVore was looking for. The brain uses a mathematical process called the Fourier Transform to convert images to behavior.

DeVore then teamed with Pribram to apply the principle to behavior and skill acquisition—learning from role models. The resultant programs he developed generated over $250 million in worldwide sales. SyberVision became a big company and caught the interest of Wall Street investors.

Dr. Karl Pribram

Steve DeVore
In 1990, DeVore lost SyberVision to a hostile takeover of the company by a corporate raider. DeVore left the company after he learned the new owners wanted to use the respected SyberVision name to acquire and sell unrelated products to SyberVision’s multi-million customer base. The new company’s strategy failed and in 2010 DeVore reacquired SyberVision and has reintroduced the original SyberVision products under the name of the SyberVision Classic Collection.

SyberVision Programs
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