First introduced in 1985 on videocassette, this remarkable training system soon became the most successful tennis training video in the world and still remains so today. Now, for the first time ever, SyberVision has re-introduced this training classic on DVD or as a download for your iPod, iPhone, iPad or other mobile device—to be experienced by a whole new generation of tennis players.

The SyberVision Training System Includes: 60-minute video, Comprehensive Digital Training Guide with four audio modules. Click Here to Order Download Version   Click Here to Order DVD

Imagine being able to transfer the perfect tennis skills of Wimbledon champion Stan Smith into your own body. Now you can. Through a joint research effort with Stanford University, SyberVision Systems has developed a revolutionary video-based training technology that lets you actually program sports mastery into your body and mind. Successfully testedand endorsed by top athletes around the worldSyberVision neuromuscular training has transformed the sports performance of millions or athletes. Now it can do the same for you. All you have to do is watch this scientifically formulated video and in a few hours you will be playing the best tennis of your life.

And the best part is, there is no risk. Try this program for 30-days. If it doesn't significantly improve your game, simply return it for a full refund! No questions asked!

It's Easy and the Results are Immediate
Simply watch Wimbledon and U.S. Open Champion Stan Smith execute his perfect form. Each stroke is presented on the SyberVision video in such a way that as you watch, your body and mind respond as if you were physically performing the strokes (the serve, forehand ground stroke,

backhand ground stroke, forehand return of serve, backhand return of serve, backhand approach shot, forehand volley, backhand volley, and overhead smash), perfectly over and over again. Computer- enhanced sequences highlight Stan Smith's body and joints in motion, revealing the basic components of his perfect tennis motion in their ultimate simplicity. Specially composed music accompanies every move, underscoring its rhythm and tempo, allowing every tiny facet of its execution to be absorbed by your body and mind.

Precise acoustics—-the "whoosh" of the racquet as it slices through the air, the "whack" of the ball as it makes contact with the racquet's sweet spotwill heighten the sensation that you're there playing as you watch. Every detail of exciting and fundamentally sound tennis action has been perfectly executed hundreds of times.

You will actually feel the SyberVision technology at work.You not only see and understand perfect tennis strokes, but vicariously experience it (feel the timing, tempo, and rhythm glide through your body) as you watch
each stroke presented and repeated hundreds of times—grooving tennis perfection deep into your mind and body.

"There is, as you watch the program, the oddest sensation that your body is moving—that your muscle are actually going through the same movements as those of the figure before you. It seems, though you do not consciously know how, that your mind is engaged in a process it not only enjoys but deeply understands." Tennis Magazine

Guaranteed to Play the Best Tennis of Your Life
Then, when you go out to play, the images
and sensations of tennis perfection you experienced as you watched effortlessly guide your body through tempo-rich movement. Your serves are laser-like. Your ground strokes and volleys are under your control. You think where you want the ball to go, activate the image of perfection, and then allow your body to perform it effortlessly and consistently. You have full control. You play the best tennis of your life! And we guarantee it!!

Complete Training System
In addition, the program includes, on an accompanying data CD, a digital Personal Training Guide with information about the muscle memory training technology, how to watch and use the DVD, and a bio-mechanical analysis of each of the modeled motions. Also included are four audio modules that guide you through your SyberVision training process.

Does SyberVision Really Work?
Here's what the internationally respected World Tennis magazine said about SyberVision:

"SyberVision is a sophisticated and highly effective video-based program to teach and reinforce perfect stroke formation."

Stanford University Men's Tennis coachDick Gould, said, "SyberVision was instrumental in our championship seasons. It helped my players play consistently under the pressure of competition, The program has the potential to help create a superior tennis player"

Stanford men's tennis players trained with SyberVision for two years. During those two years, Stanford won the NCAA Division I tennis title twice. In addition, three of the four finalists for the men's singles championship were SyberVision trained during those two years. The Stanford players who made it to the singles final were not ranked nationally. Their appearance and ultimate success was a surprise to all except themselves. They all gave credit to SyberVision for their success.

Prior to the Stanford tennis research, SyberVision researchers worked with the five lowest ranking tennis players on the 10 player California State University Hayward tennis team. Within a few weeks of the training, all five players broke into the starting five. Two of the players made it into the NCAA Division II singles finals—playing each other for the national championship. The success was so astounding that the world wide media picked up on the story. This publicity and the awareness it created helped fuel the recognition of SyberVision. As a result, SyberVision was invited by professional football, baseball and basketball teams to set up research projects. Eventually, SyberVision was adopted by the U.S. Olympic Committee as an official training program.

These teachers and their students experienced results similar to what the following people experienced. And, so can you in only a few days!

"After six months of using the SyberVision tennis program, my son Michael advanced in the Canadian Junior ranking to 19 from number 239".
Richard Thompson, Tennis Coach, former Davis Cup contender.

"In the SyberVision program, the tempo rich strokes are presented in such a way that you will feel each stroke flow through your body as you watch. It is a training method that is exciting and innovative."
A. Craig Fisher Ph.D., Sports Psychologist, Ithaca University. Author of "The Psychology of Sport."

"My daughter, Pamela, a sophomore at Skidmore College was the first All-American in the history of Skidmore. I attribute a great deal of her success to your wonderful SyberVision Tennis program which she watches before all of her matches."
Jay C. Thompson, Cincinnati, OH

"After hours and hours of frustrating and expensive tennis lessons, I was an eyesore on the court. Then I discovered SyberVision. And this last summer my game soared from a lowly C to a high class B level. I am now the terror of my country club."
Paula Wong, Napa, CA

Olympic Ski champion Jean Claude Kill was so impressed with how SyberVision revolutionized his tennis game that he volunteered to be SyberVision's model for downhill skiing. Here's what he said: "SyberVision is the most advanced and powerfully effective learning technology the world has to offer."

                                       Jean-Claude Killy and SyberVision
                                              Founder Steve DeVore

"Research with Stanford athletes confirms that SyberVision produces positive results even among skilled players."
Sports Illustrated

1.SyberVision researchers at Stanford University discovered how the brain converts images of movement to muscle memory. They learned that there is a mechanism at the junction of the visual and motor cortex that follows a precise mathematical process (the Fourier Transform) to convert visual images to motion memory.

2. A scientifically produced video (DVD) presents a world class athlete repeatedly performing perfect fundamental skills. The movement is edited and presented at the mathematically precise tempo (Fourier Transform) that enables the brain to trigger and convert the images directly to neuromuscular memory.

3. The images of movement are transmitted to your brain through your eyes and ears.

4. Your brain analyzes the incoming images of movement and converts them to neuromuscular memory. Your muscles and mind are being trained to remember perfect form.

5. While you watch, you experience a subtle feeling of rhythmic movement from within—the effect of the neuromuscular reinforcement taking place.

6. During physical practice or play, you draw upon the images and sensations you experienced on the DVD. You are able to reproduce the fundamentals at will resulting in dramatically improved performance.

Imagine being able to transfer the perfect skills of a world class athlete into your very own body. Being able to drive a perfect ace serve over the net like Wimbledon tennis champion Stan Smith. Or glide effortlessly through deep powder like Olympic Gold Medal skier Jean Claude Killy. Sound like science fiction? You can do it tonight, in the privacy of your living room.

Through a joint research effort with Stanford University, SyberVision Systems has developed a revolutionary video-based training technology that lets you actually program sports mastery into your mind and body. Successfully tested and endorsed by top athletes around the world, the SyberVision system has had such spectacular results that Olympic skiing champion Jean Claude Killy is calling it "the most advanced and effective learning technology the world has to offer."

The Secret of Effective Learning.
Learning experts know that from the time we're born we pick up most of our physical skills by watching and them imitating others. For instance, no one ever taught you how to walk. Yet you learned. You watched people walking all around you, and one day, after much trial and error, you stood up on your own two feet.

Later, you developed more advanced physical skills the same way. You watched someone swing a tennis racquet or golf club and when you'd seen it enough times, you were able to more or less duplicate the action. Your brain converted what you saw into neural blueprints you were able to call upon to perform the movement. The better your role model and the more you watched and studied, the faster and easier you learned.

The Science Behind the System.
Until recently, the principle behind this learning phenomenon wasn't even understood. Then neurological researchers at Stanford University uncovered the existence of a mathematical formula—the Fourier Transform—that governs the process of how your brain converts what you see into what you do. It was learned that when you watch images

of movement repeated at a precise speed and rhythm, your nervous system responds as if you were physically performing the action. Your brain then stores what you've seen and experienced in "muscle memory" for future reference, recall, and execution.

This critical research forms the basis of the most unique and powerful sports training technology ever developed. SyberVision calls this technology "neuromuscular programming," Combined with state-of-the-art digital video technology, it makes SyberVision the most powerfully effective athletic training system in the world.

The Transformation of an Athlete
Imagine relaxing in your favorite armchair tonight after slipping a SyberVision DVD into your DVD player. Within minutes of watching the first images come onto the screen, the powerful SyberVision technology begins to work.

As you watch a top athlete repeatedly perform picture perfect skills, you'll begin to feel a pleasurable sensation of movement in your own body. It's as if your muscles are actually going through the same motions as those of the model on the screen. And, in a sense, they are. Responding to the powerful and precise learning technology, your nervous system is imitating and memorizing the skills that make up perfect form. SyberVision is grooving a blueprint of athletic perfection deep into your mind and body.

The SyberVision technology is so effective that one hour's viewing of a SyberVision videotape gives your nervous system the equivalent of hours of faultless practice. You're actually getting a perfect workout—an ideal no athlete can ever achieve any other way.

The Results Are Immediate
The next morning after viewing you set out early, eager to play. You'll notice the difference immediately. You're more relaxed, more confident. Without any conscious effort to imitate style or mechanics, you move easily through the same fundamentals you may have struggled with before. Your muscles seem to be obeying

invisible commands. The more time you spend with your SyberVision program, the more powerfully effective it becomes. Soon, whatever your previous level of skill, you'll reach the goal of every top athlete—a consistent mastery of the fundamentals that will dramatically improve your playing abilities.

The Choice of Champions
In an article about Olympic athletes' future use of the SyberVision technology, the Denver Post called SyberVision "the secret weapon of U.S. sport training technology. "The Post went on to say "SyberVision is one of the most concrete, theoretically sound programs of sport performance improvement available today."

Sports Illustrated states, "Research with Stanford athletes confirms that SyberVision produces positive results—even among skilled players."

ESPN called SyberVision, "The most impressive sports training program we've seen—a pioneer in high-tech sports training."

Newsweek reported that SyberVision "cures slumps and improves performance. The ideal image becomes so ingrained that the athlete is able to physically duplicate it under actual competitive conditions."

SyberVision was the only outside training program ever to be endorsed by the Professional Ski Instructors of America, the official certifying body of America's 20,000 ski instructors. Horst Abrahams, former Director of PSIA training said, "SyberVision is the most effective personal training program ever developed. You can feel it working as you watch it—and improvement is immediate."

The world-renown Vail and Beaver Creek Resort chose SyberVision as the exclusive training system for its downhill and cross-country skiing, golf and tennis programs. Former Vail president Harry Frampton stated: "We chose SyberVision because of its proven ability to consistently produce dramatic improvement in all who use it."

Shortly thereafter, SyberVision was selected by the U.S. Olympic Training Center at Colorado Springs as the official U.S. Olympic training system under the direction of SyberVision researcher Dr. Ladislav Pataki, a former Soviet Olympic training scientist.

SyberVision's Neuromuscular Training is just not avideo but a sophisticated self-paced personal training system. It includes:

DVD/Video 60 minutes of perfect tennis action presented in accordance with the unique SyberVision technology. High-resolution images and computer-enhanced detail heighten the technology's powerful effect on your nervous system. You will immediately feel and see the results as your watch: the core fundamentals every tennis player needs to master:

       (1) Serve
       (2) Forehand Ground Stroke
       (3) Backhand Ground Stroke
       (4) Forehand Return of Serve
       (5) Backhand Return of Serve
       (6) Backhand Approach Shot
       (7) Forehand Volley
       (8) Backhand Volley, and
       (9) the Overhead Smash

Digital Personal Training Guide The DVD comes with an accompanying compact disk designed to be used with your personal computer. The disk contains the Personal Training Guide in PDF format. This guide introduces you to the step-by-step SyberVision training system:. You'll learn the best times and ways to use your video and audio sessions and when and how to physically reinforce your skills after your neuromuscular training system starts to work. The guide also provides you with a precise bio mechanical analysis of each stroke so you have a core understanding of the mechanics. This enables you to watch each segment with an educated eye and reinforces your total learning experience.

Four MP3 Audio Sessions

The accompanying CD also contains four audio sessions you can play on your computer or on your personal MP3 audio player (i.e. IP od).

1. Mind, Body and High-Technology: The Ultimate Personal Achievement System explores the background and fascinating secrets of SyberVision's neuromuscular training.

2. The Mind of a Champion: A Personal Interview with Stan Smith delves deep into the mindset of your SyberVision tennis model as he reveals his secrets of tennis success. This interview personalizes Stan enabling you to identify with him. This identification enhances your neuromuscular training experience.

3. The Psychology of Athletic Success: The 12 Keys to Winning Performance prepares you for tough competition and the increased enjoyment of tennis. The session contains 12 powerful strategies for mastering your tennis skills and developing a winning mentality.

4. Images of Perfection: The Power of Holographic Sound is the DVD soundtrack. After watching the DVD a few times, when you listen to this soundtrack the images and sensations you felt when you watched are activated in your mind as you listen. Listen to it before your next match to give your performance a manor boost.


Can anybody use the SyberVision Programs?

A SyberVision programs are equally effective for men, women, and children. They also offer equally powerful training for beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes. SyberVision videos are designed to dramatically improve anyone who watches them.

Can women really learn by watching a male model?


Your brain does not make a distinction between a male and a female model. It picks up on rhythm, motion, and timing not on mechanical images. So watching a man perform an athletic skill, if he's rhythmically perfect, will be just as effective for you as watching a woman perform that same skill, and vice versa.

Any difference in build or body size between you and your model doesn't make any difference, either. Your brain automatically transforms the sensory images on the screen into the right instructions for your body build. If this didn't work, you wouldn't have learned how to walk until you were the same size as your parents.


I’m left handed. Will a right handed model work for me?


A Yes. Again, the brain automatically converts what you see into the right instructions for your nervous system. Otherwise, you would have had to learn everything from left handers all your life. If you’re really concerned, you can watch the image in a mirror and the model will appear to be left-handed.


I’m just a beginner at my sport. Can I still learn from SyberVision?

A SyberVision is just as effective for beginners as they are for weekend or advanced athletes. As a matter of fact, beginners may have an advantage, because they haven't learned any bad habits. Watching SyberVision will give you a head start on learning a sport correctly from the very beginning. You'll also learn faster and have less trouble mastering fundamental skills.
Q How long does it take to see results using my SyberVision DVD?
  Most people report results after just one viewing. With each subsequent viewing, your skills will improve. If you follow the directions and viewing schedule outlined in your Digital Personal Training Guide, you should notice dramatic results within 30 days

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