This revolutionary SyberVision video-based golf training technology was developed at Stanford University and first introduced in 1985. It soon became a worldwide phenomenon. Over million SyberVision golf programs were sold at $150 each!

SyberVision became a household name among golfers. The company was endorsed by Jack Nicklaus, Hale Irwin, Dave Stockton, Patty Sheehan, among others. Eli Callaway (founder of Callaway Golf) and the the Bobby Jones estate selected SyberVision to introduce the prestigious Bobby Jones' instructional films. Japan's largest and oldest company set up SyberVision Golf Centers throughout Japan. The response was phenomenal because the program produced phenomenal results.

As a result, SyberVision (a subsidiary of a NYSE company) was targeted for a hostile takeover.

The founder left, legal action pursued, and the technology, tied up in legal action, was put on hold until recently.

Now, the founder has the company back and is, for the first time in 10 years, re-issuing on DVD, the golf training technology that once took the golf world by storm.

Break Bad Habits. Cure Slices and Slumps
Called "neuromuscular programming" this program works like no other method to form
fundamentally sound habits, break old habits, cure slumps, slices, dramatically improve your game and lower your scores. And it's GUARANTEED to work.

Simply watch thousands of perfectly executed performed swing on the DVD and, as you watch, you will see and your body will vicariously experience, over and over again, the timing, tempo, and rhythm of the perfect golf swing.

The end result is, when you go out to play, you will be able to draw from a deep and rich reservoir of tempo rich muscle memory. You will play better than you ever dreamed possible and your scores will soon begin to plummet.

The SyberVision-Stanford Technology
Based on SyberVision's breakthrough research conducted at Stanford University, neuromuscular training is an easy-to-use system that takes advantage of the way your body and mind learn best—visually. The proprietary technology behind neuromuscular training is SyberVision's alone. You won't find it anywhere else. (Click here for a technical explanation of SyberVision's Neuromuscular Programming technology).

It's Easy and the Results are Immediate
Simply watch LPGA Champion Patty Sheehan
(click here to read Patty's impressive career bio) execute her perfect form. Each swing is presented on the SyberVision DVD
in such a way that as you watch, your body and mind respond as if you were
performing the swings (the drive, fairway wood, long iron, short iron, pitch, chip, sand wedge, and putt), perfectly over and over again. Sheehan's perfect moves are repeated again and again in exquisite and crystal-clear detail.

As you watch, you'll feel as if you're playing along with her. That's the neuromuscular training at work, giving your body a lesson in perfect golf moves—grooving golf perfection deep into your mind and body.

Not Just for Women
When it comes to converting images to muscle memory, the human brain is not gender specific. Whether you're a man or woman, your brain will pick up on Patty's perfect timing, tempo, and rhythm and search for and reinforce positive muscle memory stored in your brain at the same timing, tempo, and rhythm. Both men and women will experience dramatic improve with this Patty Sheehan SyberVision golf training system.

Guaranteed to Play the Best Golf of Your Life
Your body's response to the DVD is just the beginning of your neuromuscular training experience. When you get out on the course, you'll recall every perfect move you experienced while watching the DVD and gradually recreate those moves as you drive, pitch, chip, and putt. You'll get closer and closer to playing perfection very time you watch your SyberVision DVD. If you now score in the 100's and 90's, you'll soon be scoring in the low 80's and 70's. That's our money-back guarantee!!

Does SyberVision Really Work?
Ask Golf Magazine's staff of 100 teaching professionals. These teaching pros are the elite of the world's top golf teachers selected by Golf Magazine. In 2000, Golf Magazine asked them to choose, out of the thousands of golf training videos ever produced over the past 20 years, the most effective. They selected SyberVision. Why? Because it delivers what it promises—more than any other golf training system ever developed.

These teachers and their students experienced dramatic improvement. And, so can you in only a few days from now! Read what others have to say about this remarkable technology.The evidence is undeniable. If what they're saying is true (and it is) as a serious golfer, you can't afford not to own this powerfully effective gofl training system. You can order it right now!

"Research with Stanford confirms that SyberVision produces dramatic results." Sports Illustrated


"With SyberVision, I broke 90 for the first time in 25 years!" Jayne Freeman, Buffalo, New York. 

"I choose to work with SyberVision because SyberVision is so effective." Hale Irwin PGA Champion

"To be quite honest, there are very few videos that I recommend to my students. One is Sybervision. It shows excellent swing technique with outstanding timing and tempo." Susan Young, LPGA Pro, Golf Commentator KGO-TV, San Francisco.


"Stanford research shows that the mathematically precise tempo and rhythm presented on the SyberVision video activates your brain's visual learning system resulting in an increase of positive muscle memory and greatly improved performance" San Jose Mercury News


"SyberVision delivers what it promises. That's why I choose to lend my name to SyberVisin and work with SyberVision as the model for putting." Dave Stockton PGA Golfer

The tempo rich swing is presented in such a way that you can feel each stroke flow through your senses and muscles. SyberVision is a training technology that is exciting and innovative." Dr. A. Craig Fisher, Ithaca State University, Author "The Psychology of Sport."

"SyberVision is truly a breakthrough in sports training.I've seen it work wonders in all of the sports in which it has been applied." Stan Smith, Wimbleton Tennis Champion.

Yashido Yahiro, Chairman, Mitsui Corporation, Japan's largest company said:
"After watching the SyberVision golf program my entire game has been dramatically transformed. It is almost a miracle! The effect has been so powerful that I ordered our medical technology experts to commission a study on the technology. They found it as such a breakthrough that we commissioned SyberVision to allow us to build SyberVision golf centers throughout Japan and a learning center in our corporate headquarters in Tokyo. At my country club, we have formed the SyberVision Club which includes some of Japan's most influential leaders including Chairman Toyota of Toyota Motor Company and, among other notables, the Prime Minister of Japan. It is truly a breakthrough technology."

"SyberVision is the most advanced and effective training technology the world has to offer." Jean-Claude Killy, Three-Time Olympic Downhill Skiing Gold Medalist

Order DVD-Based Muscle Memory Golf System $99

Download Golf Muscle Memory Video for $89
1. Sit back and relax while you watch the SyberVision model perform thousands of perfectly executed golf swings rich in timing, tempo, and rhythm. The movement is executed at a mathematically precise tempo and rhythm that enables your brain to convert what it sees directly to your performance memory.
The images of movement and sound are transmitted to your brain through your eyes and ears.
3. Your brain analyzes the incoming images and converts them to neuromuscular memory.
4. While you watch, you experience a feeling of rhythmic movement from within—the effect of the neuromuscular training at work for you.
5. During physical practice or play, you draw upon the stored memory of perfect golf motion resulting in dramatically improved performance and lower scores.


Your SyberVision Golf Training System includes the DVD, training guide, and four informative audio modules:
DVD The one-hour DVD features PGA Champion and pure swing-master Patty Sheehan performing perfect fundamental skills—the perfect drive, fairway wood wood, long iron, short iron, pitch, chip, san wedge, and putt. The fundamentals of each stroke are repeated in such a way that you see, feel, and remember what you see, giving your mind and body a blueprint for golf success.

STUDY GUIDE Online Personal Training Guide that shows you how and when to use your program to get the most our of it powerful technology.

Mind, Body & High Technology gives you a thorough understanding of the easy-to-learn scientific tool you're about to use.

The Psychology of Athletic Achievement gives you 12 newly discovered keys to success taken from SyberVision's comprehensive studies of the world's greatest athletes. (Click here for a FREE download).

Images of Perfection repeats the soundtrack on the golf DVD triggering your recollection of the images and body sensations with which the music is associated.

Be one of the first to get your Patty Sheehan SyberVision Golf DVD for $99.
SyberVision guarantees this will be the best investment you've ever made in improving your golf.

Don't delay, order today!!

Order DVD-Based Muscle Memory Golf System $99
Download Golf Muscle Memory Video for Smartphones & Pads $89

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