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Developed at Stanford University. Voted Best Golf Training Video Ever By Golf Magazine's Top 100 Pros

Quickly & Easily Lower Your Scores with SyberVision's  Proven Muscle Memory Programming  Video Technology



Practice Doesn't Make Perfect. For the Vast Majority of Golfers It Only

Reinforces Bad Habits. Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.


Experience the Equivalent of Hours of

Perfect Practice with SyberVision's
Muscle Memory Programming Technology

Once the only way to train in golf was to put in long frustrations hours of lessons and practice. Doing this, most golfers only reinforce their bad habits. Now, SyberVision® brings you a faster, easier and more effective way. Called "Muscle Memory Programming®" it works like no other method to form new, fundamentally sound habits, break old bad habits, cure slumps, and improve your game. And, it's GUARANTEED to work.


Based on SyberVision's breakthrough research at Stanford University, "Muscle Memory Programming" is an easy-to-use system that takes advantage of the way your body and mind learn best visually. (Click here for a technical explanation of SyberVision's "Muscle Memory Programming" technology—the "Psycho-Cybernetics" of golf).


It's Easy and the Results Are Immediate: Geiberger's Perfect Form Imprinted on Your Body & Mind

Simply watch PGA Champion (Mr. 59) Al Geiberger execute his perfect form. Each swing is presented on the SyberVision DVD in such a way that as you watch, your body and mind respond as if you were physically performing the swing (the drive, fairway wood, ling iron, short iron, pitch, chip, sand wedge and putt), perfectly over and over again. Geiberger's perfect form is repeated again and again in exquisite and crystal-clear detail.


As you watch, you'll fee as if you're playing along with Geiberger. That's the muscle memory programming at work, giving your body a lesson in perfect golf motion grooving golf perfection deep into your mind and body.


Guaranteed to Play the Best Golf of Your Life

Your body's response to the DVD is just the beginning of your Muscle Memory Programming experience. When you get out on the course, you'll recall the sight, sound and feeling of every motion you experienced while watching the DVD and gradually recreate it as you drive, pitch, chip and putt. You'll get closer and closer to playing perfection every time you watch your SyberVision DVD.


If you now score in the 100's and 90's, you'll soon be scoring in the mid 80's and 70's. This program has helped over a million golfers transform their games. And, SyberVision GUARANTEES it will do the same for you.

This classic SyberVision Muscle Memory Programming training system includes: Sixty-minutes of video with Muscle Memory Programming sequences for driving, fairway woods, long irons, short irons, pitching, chipping, sand and putting;


Comprehensive Online Personal Training Guide with training instructions, training schedule, four audio modules: (1) "Introduction to Muscle Memory Programming for Golf;" (2) "The Psychology of Athletic Achievement;" (3) "The Mind of a Champion;" and (4) "Images of Perfection" (music soundtrack with golf sweet spot sounds).


When SyberVision's Classic Golf program was first introduced in the mid-1980's it quickly became the world's best selling golf training program and remains so today (over 1.2 million programs sold worldwide at $350 each). The program was recently converted to digital video for smartphone & pad viewing for a new generation of golfers. This classic SyberVision Muscle Memory Programming golf training system is as effective today as when it was first introduced.

"SyberVision is a powerful training program that will allow any golfer to

master the fundamentals of the game, sharpen competitive concentration and build a reservoir of rich performance memory." Dave Yates, Former Head
Golf Coach, Stanford University reporting on results of SyberVision testing at Stanford.

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