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The great Renaissance artist Michelangelo was once asked about his secret of creativity. He said, "What I desire, I must first imagine. What I imagine, I create!" He explained as a sculptor his task is to first see, in his mind's eye, the detailed statue entombed in stone. The act of creation, he said, was simply freeing the statue with his chisel from its marble prison

The power of the mental image has always intrigued humankind. The preconceived image or "vision" is the power that motivates human action and drives creation.

Until recently little was known about how this power of of the mind's eye works.

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We've just taken it for granted that somehow it influences our behavior. Now, new research in neurology, psychology and quantum physics gives us new insight into the power of the mental image— the dynamics of visualizationthe "image of achievement" and its relation to personal goal achievement and success.

We used to believe that achievement was "mind over matter." This new research now tells us and confirms “mind is matter.” The images we create in our minds about ourselves and our life are interpreted by the physical world as “real” and
ultimately become reality. The 10 session Neuropsychology of Achievement audio program teaches you step-by-step how to harness this power by setting powerful life-enriching goals and achieving them by transforming them into the language of your mind—clear, sensory-rich and detailed, core level, emotion-provoking images of achievement.

Achievers seem to know how to create powerful images of success that seem to bend reality to their will. These images also provide the emotional and motivational fuel necessary to sustain the physical effort and time required of lasting achievement. Now, with The Neuropsychology of Achievement you'll be able to sharpen and harness this same power. The results will be beyond anything you'll ever dream.(For more detail on great achievers go to SyberVision's The World's 100 Greatest People Audio Collection. It was the study of these people's achievement strategies that led to the creation of The Neuropsychology of Achievement.)

The Power of Modeling
The most advanced studies in the behavioral sciences have also proven that we learn best through modeling—patterning our behavior after someone else's. People who chose to pattern themselves after models of success become successful themselves. The Neuropsychology of Achievement not only creates the best role model you could possibly have—a “Model of
Achievement Goal Setting Leadership IQ Self-Worth

Achievement” based on the world's great achievers—but it also teaches you how to transform those behaviors into powerful success images and how to make their winning behaviors, habits and attitudes your own.

The first step in this exciting and powerful process is to give you the most vivid and detailed description of the behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes of an achiever that you've ever been exposed to. You will turn this into powerful images of achievement that will begin to give you power over yourself and your environment.

The 21 Characteristics of Success
What are those elusive traits that divide the world into the haves and have-not's of success? SyberVision's research at the famed Stanford University Neuropsychology Research Laboratory revealed 21 characteristics common to high achievers—the very essentials of accomplishment.

These 21 critical characteristics form the basis of SyberVision's powerful "Model of Achievement"—a vivid picture of the mental, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual attitudes of the world's most successful individuals.

Once you understand the specific success methods of high achievers, you'll be able, for the first time, to get a clear, conceptual image of your own goals and aspirations. The next step is to make those characteristics a part of your own personality.

Images of Achievement—More Than a Dream.
The Neuropsychology of Achievement provides you with a powerful learning system that allows you to incorporate the 21 characteristics of high achievers into your own mind and body.

Using the images of achievement to fuel the internal fires of self-motivation, perseverance, and discipline, you'll develop the driving forces necessary to sustain a concentrated effort toward your goal. You'll learn to turn "wishful thinking" into reality by actually taking the steps necessary to achieve what you want.

Dreams Come True: From Newspaper to Owner of World's Largest News Syndicate
Richard Newcombe was working at the Los Angeles Times Syndicate. His assignment was to do a series of articles on The Neuropsychology Achievement for the Time's. He listened to the program. Armed with new knowledge and inspiration, Newcombe set a powerful sensory goal for himself. He saw, touched, tasted, smelled and heard himself owning the world's largest newspaper syndicate.

This "vision" set into play powerful motivational and environmental forces. Within two years, he left the Times and founded a new news syndication service. A huge risk, his competition was established and powerful. His first task was to sign-up a named journalist. He chose and targeted Ann Landers, the biggest name in newspaper syndication. Inspired by his drive, vision and integrity, Landers signed on with Newcombe. This was the biggest coup in the history of journalism.

Today, Newcombe's dream is a reality. Creators' Syndicate is the largest and most successful news syndicate in the world. Newcombe accomplished what most industry analysts considered impossible: And, Newcombe credits The Neuropsychology of Achievement. We credit him. He's the one who did it. We just showed him the way.

"Success in life. says Newcombe, "results from setting challenging goals, assuming only positive results, and being disciplined in one’s work in order to turn dreams into reality. The Neuropsychology of Achievement showed me how!"

A Complete Goal Achievement System
The Neuropsychology Achievement isn't just a program that helps you achieve business and financial success. It's designed to help you improve any area of your life—or all of them. The Neuropsychology of Achievement gives you the tools, skills, and insights necessary to achieve the difficult goal of personal growth and change. Eleven audio sessions provide you with the knowledge and process essential to becoming an achiever. And, to help you fully understand the power and the strength behind the program, included is a rare, taped interview with Dr. Karl Pribram, upon whose exciting discoveries The Neuropsychology of Achievement is based.

What You'll Learn
In the audio sessions, you'll learn to compare your current strengths and weaknesses against those of model achievers. You'll be taught how to set sensory-rich goals. You'll find out how to actually code high-achievement behaviors into your brain and nervous system. And you'll learn the secret to getting rid of self-defeating behaviors.

The process is a steady and gradual one. The Neuropsychology of Achievement is not meant to work overnight. Each audio session will take you one step further toward your goal of internalizing the winning behaviors that will help you realize your lifelong dreams. And you can repeat the sessions as often as necessary until you feel confident that you've thoroughly mastered the techniques presented to you.

As a matter of fact, the more you use your Neuropsychology of Achievement audio sessions, the more valuable they will become. As you gain in confidence you begin to accomplish your goals. Continued use of the program will only take you further along the road of self-improvement and success.

A comprehensive 62-page digital study guide reviews and reinforces the materials you covered in the audio. Using it will enrich your knowledge and understanding of the skills you are acquiring. Together with the audio, it's all you need to put yourself on the road to a new way of thinking, feeling, and living.

Join the Achievers and Don't Look Back
You've waited long enough to achieve lifelong goals and dreams. With The Neuropsychology of Achievement, you can learn to do what achievers have always known how to do—go after what you really want, and get it.

The Neuropsychology of Achievement is available as an MP3 download. Upon ordering you'll receive an email with download instructions.

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Sensory Imaging Achievement Goal Setting Leadership IQ Self-Worth

Achievement Goal Setting Leadership IQ Self-Worth 1. For the first time, you understand the true language of your brain and nervous system. It is the language of sensory imaging—unlike anything you've experienced ever before. By creating sensory-rich, detailed images of success in your mind, you begin to pave the way for achieving the things you want out of life.

2. Vividly detailed images of success are created using sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Once you've used your five senses to create these images, you're able to translate your goals and dreams into the language of your brain and nervous system.

3. The images are turned into a sensory blueprint—an image of achievement that becomes etched permanently into your mind and body. This blueprint not only serves serves as as a constant guide in your journey toward reaching your goal but it
impacts upon the physical world to magnetically attract to you the opportunities for its fulfillment.

4. Through a series of simple exercises, the image of achievement takes root in your nervous system, producing the energy, motivation and drive necessary to sustain the effort of achieving your goal.

5. With the image of achievement grooved deep into your mind and body, you develop the behaviors and create the opportunities necessary to achieve your lifelong goals and dreams.

Session 1. Your Holographic Brain: The Power of Three-Dimensional Visualization  takes you on a fascinating journey into your own mind. Through a Nobel prize winning discovery (the hologram), you'll learn that the true language of your brain and nervous system is sensory visualization. You'll find out how detailed, highly emotional images turn into behaviors that make those images become a reality. You'll learn how to generate your own rich, sensory images of success—and find out why they are the keys to success or failure in your life.

Session 2. The Intelligent Eye: Light of the Mind, Pathway to the Brain
teaches you nine specific eye positions that stimulate the nervous system and open up pathways to the brain for generating and recalling images of achievement. You’ll learn how using prescribed patterns of eye movement can sharpen your abilities to turn your goals into sensory images that are rich in detail and high in emotional content.

Session 3. A Model for Success: The 21 Dominant Habits of High Achievers reveals the winning behaviors and attitudes of the world’s top achieving individuals. Culled from years of scientific study, these habits repeatedly proved themselves to be essential to personal success. You’ll learn to turn every one of them into sensory-rich images that will give your nervous system a blueprint for achieving your lifelong goals.

Session 4. How do you Measure Up? A Formula for Self-Assessment gives you a format for evaluating your current strengths and weaknesses as compared to the high achiever model. You may discover that you already have some of the characteristics of an achiever—but that there are areas you need to work on. You’ll learn to easily identify those areas and prepare yourself to make the changes necessary to achieve your goal of success.

Session 5. How to Set Sensory-Rich Achievement Goals presents a powerful process by which you'll learn to use your five senses—-touch taste smell, sight and hearing—-to turn your lifelong goals into a language your nervous system understands. Once your body absorbs the powerful sensory images of what you want to achieve, the images will fuel you with the kind of drive and motivation you'll need to sustain the sometimes difficult effort of achieving your goals.
Session 6. Laser Vision: Sharpening Concentration and Internal Vision Through Relaxation/ Oxygenation Conditioning teaches you new ways to relax so you concentrate and focus sharply on building new strengths. High achievers never let negative stress get in the way of their successful endeavors. You'll learn a powerful three-step process that will allow you to conquer your own negative stress. You'll then be able to clear your mind and relax your body and redirect your energy to more positive channels.

Session 7. Competence Programming; How to Code High-Achievement Behaviors into Your Brain and Nervous System introduces you to the most powerful method of goal achievement ever developed. In three simple steps, you'll be able to bathe your nervous system in richly detailed images of success, images so real that every cell of your mind and body will become saturated with their presence. With these images indelibly etched into your nervous system, you’ll be able to pursue your goals with new energy,new direction, and new determination.

Session 8. The Power of Self-Discipline: How to Extinguish Self-Defeating Behaviors will help you to eradicate, once and for all, the negative habits that prevent you from succeeding. You’ll find out why the simple desire to change your behavior isn't enough to achieve that change. You’ll learn a revolutionary technique for breaking self-defeating habits ingrained through years of repetition.

Session 9. Internalizing Your Image of Achievement: A 30-day Action Plan shows you how to use a simple daily exercise to incorporate the behaviors of a high achiever into your own mind and body. If followed faithfully, this plan will make each new high-achieving habit an automatic response within 30 days.

Session 10. A Lifelong Blueprint for Success: How to Maintain and Expand Your High Achievement Behaviors will teach you a simple five step strategy for making your new behaviors and attitudes a permanent part of your life. You'll also learn how to expand your new strengths and turn them into a foundation for building even more high-achieving habits and skills. You'll find out why there's no limit to how much you can achieve—if you learn and use the correct principles.
Includes Comprehensive Digital Knowledge Mastery Guide
Included with every Neuropsychology of Achievement is a comprehensive 62-page digital personal training guide. It supplements your audio sessions by exploring and reinforcing the techniques you’ve learned to use in the program. You’ll be given practice exercises to help you develop and maintain new behavioral skills.


Psychology Pribram Stanford Achievement Goal Setting Leadership IQ Self-Worth Psychology Today calls him “The Magellan of Brain Science.” Dr. Kari Pribram, founder of the Neuropsychology Research Laboratory at Stanford University and former Director of Research for SyberVision, has been making innovative strides in the science of behavior ever since he started practicing as a neurosurgeon. He began making his mark in the medical and psychological fields by earning both a B. S. and an M.D. degree at the University of Chicago in five years. His research into brain function led to his interest in the behavioral sciences, and he is credited for uniting the two into the science of neuropsychology.

Dr. Pribram made two key discoveries through his extensive studies of the brain. First, he found that all of our behavior is governed by "images of achievement," and that without those images, we cannot succeed in our endeavors. Then Dr. Pribram unraveled an age-old mystery. He discovered how the human brain forms and acts upon visual and sensory images. He learned that the brain uses the same principles to generate and store images as the hologram—a life-like three dimensional image projected from a film plate into space.

SyberVision founder Steven DeVore has taken these remarkable discoveries and used them to develop a powerful personal achievement technology. The Neuropsychology of Achievement uses sensory exercises, visual and mental goal setting, and deep and powerful explorations of your own personality to allow you to incorporate the characteristics of a high achiever into your body and mind and to have your sensory goals become a reality in the physical/material world.

The Neuropsychology of Achievement simply explains the principles underlying Pribram's holographic brain theory, and how you can use them to systematically achieve your life's goals. Armed with this vital knowledge, you will be able to more effectively focus your time, energy and talents in your pursuit of personal success.

goal setting

Psychology DeVore Stanford Achievement Goal Setting Leadership IQ Self-Worth
Steve DeVore. Founder of

For thousands of years people have known there is a relationship between visualization and goal achievement but have not, until now, known the scientific principles that govern the relationship. Through advances in the neuroscience's we now know what a mental image is and how it effects our bodies, minds, and matter in the material world. Instead of "mind over matter" we can now say that "mind is matter." The Neuropsychology of Achievement teaches you how to understand and harness this power of mind to make positive changes in your life.

For those who feel they have more potential than they've ever taken advantage of, The Neuropsychology of

Achievement is a powerful, effective tool for personal growth. Those lacking in motivation, confidence, and creativity will find it opens doors to new ways of

For those who feel they have more potential than they've ever taken advantage of, The Neuropsychology of Achievement is a powerful, effective tool for personal growth. Those lacking in motivation, confidence, and creativity will find it opens doors to new ways of thinking. If fear, stress, and tension are preventing you from attaining even simple goals, it will provide invaluable help in banishing these negative characteristics.

If you have the desire to take control of your life, to use the creative potential of your mind to re-shape your world according to your desires, The Neuropsychology of Achievement is for you.

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